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How to Choose the Best Barber Scissors in Australia

22 May 2024
How To Choose The Best Barber Scissors In Australia

Hairdressing has a long story behind it, with tools used in the trade having changed a lot. It is presently a huge market for barbershops, and finding the best barber scissors in Australia is crucial for anyone looking forward to getting a great haircut. Regardless of whether you are an experienced stylist or a novice barber in Australia, it pays to completely understand barber scissors. Using this comprehensive guide on some key factors to consider will guarantee that your choice is well-informed.

Why You Need Quality Barber Scissors

More than just tools used for cutting hair, barber scissors are extensions of barbers’ hands. The haircut quality can significantly differ depending on how accurate and sharp they are. Clean cuts leading to fewer split ends as well as better client experience attest to high-quality barber scissors. Additionally, using appropriate scissors would boost your efficiency while at work relieving fatigue in your hands hence enabling you to stay longer at your workstation without feeling uneasy.

Types of Barber Scissors

Barber scissors in Australia come in various types intended for specific uses. Understanding these types will help you choose the right pair for your needs.

  • Straight Scissors: These are commonly known as general-purpose shears meant for all sorts of cutting tasks with typical lengths ranging from 4.5 inches up to 8 inches.
  • Thinning Scissors: Texturizing shears have teeth on one or both blades and can be used to thin down bulky hair and also give it texture by blending each layer smoothly.
  • Offset Scissors: They usually have an ergonomic feature characterized by an offset handle designed to minimize strain upon hand or wrist; suitable especially if you spend long hours cutting hair as a profession.
  • Swivel Scissors: Such pairs contain a revolving thumb ring which allows greater flexibility making hands less tired; good choice if one suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome or similar health problems.

Essentials for Choosing Barber Scissors

Consider the following main selection criteria to obtain value for money when purchasing barber scissors in Australia.


The material used for making the blades is of great importance regarding their durability and performance. Fine barber scissors are commonly manufactured from stainless steel, cobalt alloys or any other alloy blend. Stainless steel is strong and corrosion resistant thus being widely chosen. Cobalt steel is harder and stays sharp for longer, although it costs more.

Blade Edge

The edge determines how sharp and efficient a scissor blade will be. There are two main types of blade edges:

  • Convex Edge: The convex blades are extremely thin-sharp therefore ensuring smoothness and accuracy in cutting hair; they are mostly used by professional barbers during advanced techniques.
  • Beveled Edge: These kinds of edges are stronger and hence not easily damaged but they do not offer high precision as compared to the previous one, especially for beginners who just want to perform simple cuts.

Handle Design

The comfort and ease with which the scissors can be held depends on the handle design adopted. There are three major handle designs:

  • Opposing Handle: Also known as symmetrical handles, both rings face one another; it follows the traditional style but may impose more strain on hand muscles.
  • Offset Handle: This position allows the thumb ring to be shorter than the finger ring so that the handler’s hands feel natural as well as avoid straining them during cuttings.
  • Crane Handle: Similar to offset handle but having a more acute angle. It offers maximum ergonomic benefits.


The barber scissors come in different sizes that are usually from 4.5 to 8 inches. What determines the size you need is most likely the way you cut your hair and how big your hand is as well. Smaller scissors offer more precision and control thus making them best suited for fine work. On the other hand, bigger scissors can cover a larger surface area and are good for cutting large portions of hair.

Tension Adjustment

The tightness of the blades on adjustable tension systems can be customized. This is essential to retain the sharpness and performance of the scissors. Some scissors have a screw system while others have dial or click systems for easy adjustments.

Caring for Your Barber Scissors

It's important to properly maintain and care for barber scissors to guarantee their durability and effectiveness. The following advice will help you maintain the better condition of your scissors:

  • Regular cleaning: After every use, clean your shears using a soft cloth and mild soap or specialized cleaners meant for such tools to eliminate hair, oil, and product residues among other forms of dirt.
  • Lubrication: To allow smooth operation of your shears regularly apply lubricants at pivot points lubricants can be scissor oil drips which should be massaged into pivoting areas using fingers.
  • Proper storage: Protective cases act as an ideal storage place hence always put your shears inside them in order not to cause damage on them thus avoiding dropping them down plus not exposing them under wet conditions.
  • Regular sharpening: Always make sure that your shears are kept sharpened by taking them to a professional who will handle this kind of activity thus providing quality cutting edge on the shears. Only use these tools only for hair since anything else may cause the edges to become dull.

Where to Buy Barber Scissors in Australia

Just like any other item, it is crucial to consider where you will be buying barber scissors in Australia. Here are some options:

  • Barbershops and hairdressing supply stores, for example, typically carry a large selection of premium scissors. These stores frequently employ individuals who have a specialized understanding of the goods they sell, enabling them to assist you in making an informed decision.
  • A large selection of barber scissors may be found at many trustworthy online retailers. When you shop online, you may examine consumer reviews and compare pricing. Nevertheless, ensure that you buy from recognized dealers so as not to end up with counterfeits.
  • Attending industry trade shows and expos can be a great way to see and try different scissors before buying. Such events often showcase demonstrations or even hold special offers on behalf of manufacturers. The

Bottom Line

When choosing the best barber scissors in Australia, one needs to consider various factors such as type of scissors, blade edge material, handle design, size and tension adjustment. By understanding these features and considering reputable brands like Osaka Scissors, you can ensure you select the perfect pair of scissors for your needs. Proper maintenance is also important if you want your shears to last long without losing their performance ability.

Professional barbers as well as aspiring stylists need high-quality barber scissors for perfect haircuts resulting in happy clients hence investing in them is a necessity. When making your purchase decision think about Osaka Scissors where superior craftsmanship is highly treasured because it leads to innovative designs.

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