Find below some Frequently Asked Questions our clients often consider.
If you have other questions, please email us at netsujou.australia@gmail.com.

Yes, we ship using DHL or UPS however this may vary depending on the country from which you are ordering from.
Our scissors have lifetime warranty from manufacturing defaults (e.g. something wrong with the screw). If you drop your scissors however, this is not covered. Please see our warranty section for more details.
Sharpening is done in Sydney. We do all our sharpening on Saturday and Sundays and as such, we please post your scissors to us by Friday. We will send an invoice out for payment and once settled, your scissors will be express post back to you (with tracking).
All really depends on how often you cut, the quality of your scissors and how well you treat them ! Please follow our 5-step maintenance routine and watch out for the signs to give us a call! (link to mainteance page)
Yes, please contact us via email at netsujou.australia@gmail.com and we will get back to you to schedule a quick call to understand your needs.
At Osaka Scissors, we use 4 types of material. Hitachi 440C, Titanium, VG10 Cobalt and ATS314 Cobalt. Please refer to our materials guide page for further details.
Our recommendation would be to select a scissor with super ergo handle. The Osaka Mikazuki has received very good feedback from users as there is a super ergonomic (more than standard) handle combined with a curved blade, which helps reach certain angles when cutting hair. All contributes to alleviating stress on the hands and shoulders.
Please check that whether the scissor you are currently using is a right or left handed scissor. Some cutters have learnt to use right handed scissors and so when you buy a left handed scissor it may feel like it does not cut properly. If you are unsure, please give us a call and we can help guide you.