Osaka Blades Table


Wide Blade (link to slice/blunt)

Narrow Blade (link to precision)

Cutting Power

Offers more cutting power, suitble for thicker as it can accomodate a larger volume of hair between the blades. This can be particularly beneficial when cutting thicker/dense hair.

May offer less power, better for intricate cuts or smaller sections of hair.


Less precise, better for general cutting tasks

More precise, suitable for intricate or detailed work. Around the ear or neck cuts or areas with difficult angles to reach. More control over the cutting action, enabling users to make fine adjustments and execute delicate cuts with accuracy.


Given the size of the blade, may be limited in performing intricate cuts.

More versatile, suitable for a wide range of tasks

Ease of Use

May feel more substancial, and provides stability. Some cutters like to feel the weight of the scissor in their hands.

Lighter and more agile, allows for quicker movements