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How to Maintain and Sharpen Hairdressing Scissors

22 Jun 2024


Like other arts, hairstyling demands a stylist to keep tools in top condition. A hairstylist's pair of hairdressing scissors in Australia is one of their most essential instruments. Accurate cuts depend on keeping and sharpening them. This keeps the client's hair nice. The reasons for maintaining hair-styling scissors, proper sharpening techniques, and ways to preserve your shears' optimal performance will all be covered in detail in this post.

The Significance of Keeping Hairdressing Scissors

Ensuring Accuracy

For example when it comes to clean lines and intricate styles this is where they come into play because these types of cuts require accuracy more than anything else does; consequently such needs are met only by sharp-edged or pointed objects designed specifically for this purpose called “scissors”. A blunt one will produce an uneven cut which later causes damage making the whole head appear untidy.

Extending The Lifetime Of Scissors

Accordingly, many things can be done not only to make them serve longer but also save money; therefore proper maintenance should never be ignored since it plays such a great role towards achieving this objective too. Regular cleaning prevents rust while lubrication keeps dirt from accumulating both inside & outside parts thus causing friction which eventually leads to wearing out; equally important is sharpening after using them severally especially when dealing with hard materials like metals otherwise you may find yourself having spent much on purchasing new pairs within no time.

Boosting Professionalism

Moreover, good habits don’t just end with one person alone but rather spread around even affecting others positively thereby creating a good reputation over time hence attracting more customers and raising business standards higher than ever before. So if you want your clients’ trust then take care of those things representing profession such as shears used during work hours because failure to do so may result in dissatisfaction on their part hence they might never come back again which will be unfortunate for both parties concerned.

How to Keep Haircut Scissors in Good Condition

scissors cleaning

Cleaning Your Scissors

  • Daily Cleaning: Following each use, swipe your shears with a clean, dry cloth to remove hair, dirt, and product buildup. This prevents accumulation from happening and keeps the blades neat.
  • Weekly Cleaning: Once every seven days, give your home a deeper clean. Disassemble the hairdressing scissors if you can, then give the blades a warm, soapy wash. Any tenacious particles can be removed with a gentle brush. Remember to rinse everything well and dry everything with a lint-free cloth.

Lubricating Your Shears

  • Frequency: Lubricate them after each cleaning or at least once per week so that they would work smoothly without catching rust.
  • Procedure: Apply one drop of scissor oil onto both sides of where they pivot as well as along all edges that come into contact during opening or closing action then open & close repeatedly a few times until oil is distributed evenly over these areas before wiping off excess amount if any using another cloth that has not been used before this purpose only but kept separately after that so as not contaminate anything else while storing it away somewhere safe such as in some box lined with paper towels.

Correct Storage

  • Storage Cases: Use protective cases when storing them away from harm’s reach which might cause injury either through accidents like falling accidentally on someone else while being carried around carelessly by themselves; also these covers help keep off dust particles thereby maintaining a clean appearance all time long even if stored within dusty environments should be avoided because moisture will lead towards rusting.
  • Avoid Dropping: Be gentle whenever handling them since dropping can easily spoil their sharpness thus affecting how well aligned cutting edges are aligned together.

To sharpen the blades gently move the blade across the stone in a motion starting from the base and moving towards the tip. Repeat this process around 10 to 15 times. Until the blade feels sharp. Remember to do the same for the blade.

Tips for Maintaining Sharp Hairdressing Scissors

Hairdressing Scissors sharpening

Knowing When to Sharpen

Dull scissors that damage hair or produce irregular cuts must sharpen. Every three to six months, you should sharpen your scissors. Do this even if they look fine. Sharpening frequency depends on usage rate.

Sharpening Tools

A whetstone can sharpen. It gives an edge and works well with many types of scissors. Another option for steel scissors is the Diamond Sharpening Stone. It's known for being durable and effective. For scissors sharpening, you can also use Sharpening Rods. These are diamond-coated and easy to use.

Sharpening Procedure

Make sure your scissors are dry and clean before you start. If feasible disassemble the scissors to access the blades.

Professional Sharpening Services

Advantages of Professional Sharpening

  1. Expertise: Skilled sharpeners possess the knowledge and tools to sharpen your scissors with precision and speed.
  2. Time Saving: Opting for services saves you time and ensures your scissors remain in top-notch condition.
  3. Reliable Outcomes: Regular professional sharpening guarantees cutting performance. Extends the lifespan of your scissors.

Selecting a Professional Service

  1. Reputation: Search for a regarded sharpening service with feedback from satisfied clients.
  2. Experience: Opt for a service staffed by seasoned sharpeners specialising in hairdressing scissors.
  3. Convenience: Factor in the convenience of the service, including location and turnaround time.

Tips for Caring for Hairdressing Scissors in Australia

  1. Climate Considerations: Australia’s varied climate can impact the state of your scissors. In locations take precautions to prevent rust formation while regular lubrication is crucial in dry regions to maintain smooth blade operation.
  2. Quality Products: Utilise premium cleaning and lubricating products designed specifically for hairdressing tools to avoid damaging the blades with household cleaners.
  3. Routine Checks: Periodically examine your scissors for indications of wear, like chips, bluntness or misalignment. Make sure to address any issues to avoid damage.

Osaka Scissors: Top notch Hairdressing Scissors, in Australia

Osaka Scissors is a known brand recognized for its top-quality hairdressing scissors in Australia. With a focus on precision and expert craftsmanship, Osaka Scissors provides a variety of scissors tailored to meet the requirements of hair stylists. Their products are crafted from materials. Undergo strict quality checks to ensure exceptional performance.

In Summary

You must maintain and hone your hairdressing scissors in Australia. This is essential if you want to make cuts and make them last. Following cleaning, lubricating, and sharpening schedules can keep your scissors in good condition. It's also important for improving your reputation as a professional. For those in search of premium hairdressing scissors in Australia. Osaka Scissors offers a selection of high-quality options conveniently available.

For information or to schedule an appointment with Osaka Scissors, in Australia visit their website at

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