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How Do I Choose the Best Hairdressing Shears for My Salon?

29 May 2024
How Do I Choose the Best Hairdressing Shears for My Salon?

Choosing the best hairdressing shears for your salon is an important decision that can greatly affect the quality of your work, the satisfaction of your clients, and the overall efficiency of your daily operations. From cheap to premium professional scissors, one has countless options for hairdressing shears in the market and making a wise choice entails taking into account several factors. This comprehensive guide will take you through what you need to know when deciding on which hairdressing shear is best for you; these tools should be able to improve your ability while still satisfying your salon’s needs.

The Importance of Quality Shears

Indeed, whether or not the quality of hair-cutting shears is good enough can influence considerably how fast and precise haircutting is done. While offering smoother cuts, they also reduce hand fatigue and last longer thereby saving money in the long run. Investing in the best hairdressing shears indicates that you have faith in artistry as well as client comfort. Normally, good quality materials like stainless steel or cobalt alloy become basic elements used for making durable shears that stay sharp over time and therefore give substantial performance while cutting them. Besides this, sculpted blades enable better management leading to more refined cuts necessary for imparting style or maintaining high standards inside any beauty parlour.

Types of Hairdressing Shears

Different types of best hairdressing shears available are created with particular cutting techniques and styles in mind. These distinctions will help you select which ones are appropriate for use at your salon.

1. Straight Shears

Straight shears are a standard type utilized for all-purpose cutting by most hairstylists today. They come in different lengths typically ranging from 4.5 to 8 inches. The shorter varieties could facilitate fine work hence ideal for precision while longer ones do well with bigger amounts cut off at once within human tresses. Straight scissors prove highly versatile due to their application across different techniques thereby making their presence mandatory for any beauty salon.

2. Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are equipped with teeth on one or both blades to remove bulk and create texture. They make it easier to blend and soften lines, lighten up thick hair, and give body to fine hair. Some models have more teeth which is best suited for adding a softer blend while those with a lower number of teeth cut off more strands per stroke. Hairstylists would use these shears to create a natural effect as well as positive form and volume.

3. Texturising Shears

Texturising shears differ from thinning shears in that they have fewer but wider teeth. They achieve texture by removing bigger sections of the hair. Modern edgy styles can be created using texturizing shears, while chunking or notching shears are also ideal for adding dimension to haircuts offering more dramatic hair texturing results hence perfect for bold looks lovers.

4. Offset Shears

Offset shears have handles that are moved away from the blades so that hand-wrist juncture can receive less pressure during a prolonged sculpting procedure. In turn, this allows hands to position themselves naturally thereby improving comfort levels in addition to controlling positioning better. Offset scissors benefit stylists with high headcounts since they minimize repetitive strain injuries, and increase efficiency in cutting work.

5. Swivel Shear

Swivel shears are constructed in such a way that they have a rotating thumb ring, and this makes them more manageable and flexible. The design of swivel shears relieves the strain on the thumb or wrist, thus making them perfect for hairstylists who suffer from hand or wrist problems. Swivel shears offer stylists exceptional precision and the ability to move freely enabling them to perform precise cuts.

However, these tools have swivelling thumb rings which make them even more mobile and easy to manage. This design helps reduce the stress placed on the thumb and wrist thereby making it one of the best choices for hairdressers with hand or wrist complications. Swivelling shears enable stylists to have amazing control as well as mobility, resulting in precise cuts.

Types and Design of Blades

Hairdressing shears have different cutting performances due to blade type and edge design. To make the right choice for hairdressing shears, you should understand these basics.

1. Convex Edged Blade

Convex-edged blades also known as Japanese-style blades, are sharp and smooth with a clean cutting edge. They are best for slide cutting and other advanced techniques. These blades have the advantage of being very safe since they are sharp but still move smoothly when cutting; this way, it is the favourite of many professional hairdressers who rely on accuracy and versatility in their tools.

2. Bevel Edged Blade

Bevel-edged blades or German-style blades have an edge that has been slightly serrated to prevent them from slipping through the hair strands easily. This feature gives them longevity hence less need for sharpening thus making them ideal for anyone dealing with thick or coarse textured hair. Bevelled edge blades are good for reliable cuts and they tend to suit persons who want long-lasting shears that require little maintenance.

3. Scalloped Blades

Scalloped edges refer to grooves along the blade that grip onto the hair as it is cut offering more control than most other types of blades during scissoring. Serrated edges enable you to make quick ribbons or give a quick rough shape if you are not sure what you will do in your next step or two after the main frame has been established; however, there is often much anxiety about this technique since one can easily slip which may lead to cutting too much off at once during wet cutting sessions by students learning how to do a simple bob in Beauty School class because their instructor has told them “just point cut!” Thus they can be used in various types of cuts because they offer both durability and control.

Handle Design and Ergonomics

Comfortability as well as control comes from handle design and ergonomics on hairdressing shears. Your cutting can be greatly enhanced by selecting the correct handle design as it reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

1. Symmetrical Handles

With opposite handles, opposing grip shears have symmetrical handles where these two rings are directly facing each other. This is a traditional style that suits some stylists who want to use the old methods in their industry since it has been there for long. Nevertheless, using opposing grip shears causes greater strain on the hand and wrist after a long time of utilization.

2. Thumb Ring Set Lower

The length of the thumb ring is lesser than that of the finger ring in offset grip shears, thus creating an ergonomic pattern. This allows you to position your palm naturally as well as put less pressure on your fingers which makes them comfortable during prolonged usage periods without feeling any shoulder or neck pains at all because they relieve tension from this area as well as decrease the chance of injury while working with these scissor types; besides, this kind of hold is also preferred by numerous professional hairdressers that highly appreciate comfortability and control when styling.

3. Angle Handle

Crane grip shears have an angled handle that enables hairstylists to keep their elbows in low relaxed positions for easy cutting sessions. In comparison, if you experience pain when doing this job maybe because your wrist cannot bend much anymore due to arthritis then you may prefer crane grip scissors which do not cause that discomfort in general; otherwise, crane grips offer excellent ergonomics hence suitable for people who always need extended hours during trimming sessions.

Materials and Construction

Durability, sharpness and general performance of hairdressing shears are determined by the material and construction used on them such as high-quality materials guaranteeing continuous effectiveness over some time.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shears are generally strong enough to last for a considerable amount of time before any form of corrosion occurs. Good stainless steel blades perform effectively and hold their edge. A set of scissors that are durable enough to be used for extended periods is essential for hairdressers to handle challenging situations.

2. Cobalt Alloy

Cobalt alloy shears are known to have good cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness. Hardening the blade, which will be made out of steel by the way, involves adding cobalt into it because then it becomes extremely hard; thus cobalt alloy blades execute some clean cuts without catching hairs on the first try only so is recommended for any professional hairdresser who expects maximum efficiency from their tools.

3. Japanese Steel

The quality and sharpness of Japanese steel is recognized all over the world. Scissors made from Japanese steel offer great cutting ability and last longer. When it comes to professional hairstylists, the precise workmanship and superior materials employed in their shears make them a preferred choice.

Various Sizes of Shear

Hairdressing scissors can be small or big, like from 4.5 to 8 inches long. The size decides how you use them and if they're good for certain haircuts.

1. Short Shears (4.5-5.5 inches)

Short shears are best used for fastidious tasks in cutting hair; they give nice control around ears, create intricate styles and do fine-texturizing work. These short shears are necessary to have if you are a stylist specializing in precision cuts and detailed styling.

2. Medium Shears (5.5-6.5 inches)

Medium shears can be used on different haircuts because of their versatility; since they have a good balance between cutting speed and control, this makes them great for general salon use. Stylists choose medium shears as their preferred tool that they can use for different kinds of cutting activities.

3. Long Shears (6.5-8 inches)

Long shears cut through more hair quicker and more efficiently than any other type; these scissors are perfect for scissor-over-comb techniques, blunt cuts and working with long hair too. For those stylists who require to cut larger sections of hair accurately and quickly, long sheers provide the best deal at amazing speeds for that matter.

Final Thought

Selecting the right pair of scissors needs to take into account several elements like the type of shear, blade design, handle ergonomy, material, size, brand reputation & budget among other things you enjoy while cutting hair with an untroubled mind. Knowing all these factors will assist you know what you should look out for when buying so that you purchase something ideal in enhancing your skills as well as utilizing available resources properly therefore offering your clients highly quality services.

The investment one makes in the right pair of scissors can be termed as an investment in his/her art as well as the success of his/her salon business at large. It’s important to check out Osaka Scissors if you want more details about high-quality hairdressing sheers. For hairstylists worldwide who need professional tools they can rely on while working with hair, Passion Osaka is stocked with a wide range of the same to ensure that they get nothing but the best.

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